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Infrastructure projects are a challenge for professionals due to their scope and, at the same time, high requirements in terms of safety, functionality, sustainability and care for the environment.

As a market leader with many years of international experience, ACO offers innovative solutions for surface water management from highways, tunnels, bridges and roads. The high quality of our products and professional expertise support the design and construction of infrastructure projects with guaranteed security and functionality, according to European standards.


  • Kerbs with integrated channels
  • Monolithic system with no loose parts, resistant to attempted theft
  • Two functions in one monolithic element
  • Solutions for installations in highways or urban areas
  • Elements for performing roundabouts, gateways or bus stops
  • Load class A15 to D400, according DIN EN 1433

  • Monolithic structure for stability, even in extreme conditions
  • No loose parts, resistant to attempted theft
  • Color option: natural colored or black anthracite colored, according to the overall vision of the project

Monoblock RD:

  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Robust and durable
  • Load class A15 to F900, according DIN EN 1433

Monoblock PD:

  • Suitable for pedestrian and road traffic
  • Traffic and vandalism proof
  • Load class A15 to D400, according DIN EN 1433

  • Concrete, stainless steel, GRP or polyethylene (PE-HD) bodies
  • Variety of nominal sizes to suit your project needs
  • Options and accessories for easy maintenance
  • Durability (chemical resistence, efficiency, easy manipulation)
  • No oil spills in your water, we help to protect the environment (not only from the ecological perspective) and we help to prevent drinking water and groundwater

  • All advantages of slot and heavy duty channels in one system
  • Hydraulic performance and retention function
  • Variety of sizes and edge rails to suit your project requirements
  • Continuous surface reinforcement
  • Robust structure for heavy loads
  • Load class A15 – F 900