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ACO Shower Channel

Made in United Arab Emirates by ACO Systems FZE

The ACO Shower Channel made from stainless steel as an almost invisible shower channel in any type of bath décor while ensuring reliable drainage. The shower channel combines design and functional aspects in one. Well-being areas created from wood, ceramics, marble, natural stone and glass are cleverly lit with a combination of artificial and natural lighting, bathroom equipment and technical elements are built almost invisibly into the overall bathroom design creating a technically and optically elegant solution. Shower channels are a key component of the architecture of an easy access bathroom – after all they offer an optically elegant solution, even going as far as a barely visible shower channel.

Technical Details:
  • channels and gratings in stainless steel
  • standard channels with center outlet D50
  • non-standard (customised) channels with off-center outlet D50
  • Standard lengths: 500, 600, 700, 800, 1000 and 1200mm
  • Standard width: 70mm
  • Standard height: 25mm

Different standard grating designs available:

Quadrato Design Grating

Wave Design Grating

Tile-type Grating

Solid Design Grating

For more information send E-mail or get in contact with our Sales Manager in your region.

ACO ShowerDrain E

Made in Germany by ACO Haustechnik

The ACO ShowerDrain E shower channel is equal to any technical or aesthetic challenges which exist for high-quality floor-level shower solutions. Thanks to its low install height the shower channel is equally suitable for new constructions and renovations. The high performance drainage also guarantees sufficient water drainage for even powerful shower fittings. Optical design options are virtually limitless with the ACO ShowerDrain E. The shower channel is sold in three basic forms and can be combined with various designer gratings made from stainless steel or glass covers or with a cover which can be tiled. A fire protection solution is also available. For all stainless steel shower channels you can also have LED lighting built in. This creates a very special atmosphere in the bathroom and can be supplied in a number of different colours.

Shower channel with horizontal outlet

Shower channel with vertical outlet

ACO Shower channel E - Line with all accessories

ACO Shower channel E - Line with horizontal outlet and Flag Design grating.

For more information send E-mail or get in contact with our Sales Manager in your region.

ACO ShowerDrain C

Made in Germany by ACO Haustechnik/ACO Passavant GmbH

The shower drain solution from ACO for objects called ACO ShowerDrain C. For large projects, such as hospitals, hotels or residences, this product solution is character­ised by modern design and perfect func­tionalality. The basic is the high quality stainless steel which is used for the pro­duction of the shower channel itself, gully and grating. The foul air trap is made out of polypro­pylene. The steel parts are passivated; the gratings are brushed to the silk gloss. From the user´s point of view the ACO ShowerDrain C excelled especially by the high flow rate, very low construction height and very easy maintenance.

ACO Shower channel C - Line with horizontal outlet

ACO Shower channel C - Line with horizontal outlet and Wave Design grating.

ACO Shower channel C - Line with horizontal outlet and accessories.

Find out more about ACO ShowerDrain C, made in Germany: ACO Bathroom catalogue or at the ACO Online Catalog

ACO ShowerDrain E-Line - channel installation

ACO ShowerDrain - Design gratings

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