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ACO Qmax Drainage System - Large water capacity drainage system

ACO Qmax provides unlimited solutions for all applications – from pedestrian to airports. It offers a comprehensive range of sizes up to the biggest hydraulic capacity. The intelligent system is designed to collect, hold and transport large volumes of water. In addition if provides multiple benefits for design, installation and maintenance.

ACO Qmax System

  • All advantages of slot and heavy duty channels in one system
  • Hydraulic performance and retention function
  • Variety of sizes and edge rails to suit your project requirements
  • Continuous surface reinforcement
  • Load class A15 – F 900

ACO Qmax® satisfies the demand for a versatile, high capacity slot drainage system for applications involving small to large catchment areas. For economic system design and installation, ACO Qmax® can cater for a wide range of applications to any load class. ACO Qmax® is specifically designed to form an integral part of any modern, sustainable surface water management solution. The system maximizes the hydraulic capacity available providing effective storage, attenuation, and eliminating carry over in storm water conditions.

Different channel dimensions

ACO Qmax 150, 225

ACO Qmax 350, 550

ACO Qmax 700, 900

ACO Qmax® edge rails are available in five different finishes, suitable for all channel sizes. Options of materials, slot widths and load classes offer a comprehensive choice for any application from pedestrian to heavy duty.

ACO Qmax® - different edge rails are available

Q-flow ductile iron

Q-guard ductile iron

Q-Flow steel

Q-guard steel

Q-slot steel

ACO Qmax - Introduction

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