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ACO Monoblock PD Drainage System

Thanks to its monolithic structure, ACO Monoblock is a guarantee of optimal stability and protection against vandalism. ACO Monoblock PD is a drainage channel designed to withstand extreme conditions while ensuring optimum pedestrian comfort and easy maintenance.

Monolithic drainage system:

  • Monolithic structure for stability, even in extreme conditions
  • No loose parts, resistant to attempted theft
  • Suitable for pedestrian and road traffic
  • Color option: natural colored or black anthracite colored, according to the overall view of the project
  • Load class A15 to D400, according DIN EN 1433

Due to its monolithic structure of polymer concrete and the lack of free elements, the system is preferred in areas where optimum resistance and reliable protection from vandalism is required. The channels are available in two colors - natural colored and anthracite colored to meet the aesthetic requirements of the project. Nominal widths 100, 150, 200 mm. For load classes up to D400, according to DIN EN 1433.

ACO Monoblock installation

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