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Thanks to its monolithic structure, ACO Monoblock is a guarantee of optimal stability and protection against vandalism. ACO Monoblock PD is a drainage channel designed to withstand extreme conditions while ensuring optimum pedestrian comfort and easy maintenance.

ACO Monoblock PD
Monolithic drainage system:

Product Overview :

  • Monolithic structure for stability, even in extreme conditions
  • No loose parts, resistant to attempted theft
  • Suitable for pedestrian and road traffic
  • Color option: natural colored or black anthracite colored, according to the overall view of the project
  • Load class A15 to D400, according DIN EN 1433

Areas of use

  • Parking areas of shopping centers
  • Streets and pedestrian areas
  • Bike paths

Easy to Clean Monoblock PD

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ACO Monoblock installation

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