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ACO Euroline Drainage System

The ACO Euroline channel system was specially created for use in homes and gardens and is designed to withstand the weight of cars. The optimized channel body and the new locking system increase the channel's durability and safety, and make it easier to install. ACO Euroline is used wherever water must be safely collected and reliably drained: Garage forecourts, yard driveways, house entrances and terraces

ACO Euroline System

  • Channel of polymer concrete
  • Free cross section
  • The successful ACO V-profile – now also for home and garden applications
  • Wide choice of gratings: cast iron, stainless steel or galvanised steel, composite material
  • Screwless grating lock
  • Load class C250, according DIN EN 1433

ACO Euroline Channel – high strength domestic and residential water drainage system

If rain water is not properly diverted, it can cause structural damage inside and outside the residence. With the ACO Euroline system, ACO provides drainage channels for all types of terrain and the most varied requirements. The ACO Euroline modular system offers more than a drainage function, combining functionality with the highest level of design. One channel for any requirement with a range of grating designs to suit the design need.

ACO Euroline channel of polymer concrete with V-profile.

ACO Euroline able to lift the gratings with an ACO Lifting Key

ACO Euroline channel connection

ACO Euroline channels 1000 and 500 mm length

ACO Euroline Sump Units


ACO Euroline accessories:

  • End plate
  • End plate with pipe connection
  • Lifting key
  • Foul Air Trap
  • Pipe connector

ACO Euroline installation

For more information send E-mail to or get in contact with our Sales Manager in your region.

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