ACO Hygienic Gully

The ACO hygienic gully range incorporates the hygienic design principles to ensure the top hygienic performance. Available in three body sizes, this range caters for various flow rates and construction requirements including shallow construction depths. Fire protective solution is also available for applications where preventative measures are required. ACO hygienic gully is certified according to EN 1253-1.

ACO hygienic gully - fixed height, extended edge with protective covers

Features and benefits of protective covers:

  • Protection from building material debris
  • Eliminates cleaning of drainage after installation
  • Prevents injuries on worksite
  • Certified according to EN 12811-1 for scaffolding load class 3
  • Eco friendly and easily disposable

ACO fire protective kit is a solution which prevents the spreading of fire and high temperatures within different building´s floors where ACO hygienic gully, ACO hygienic channel and ACO pipe are installed. It consists of External protection – Fit in, Internal protection, Fire protective foul air trap, Fire protective foul air trap support.

  • Tested according to EN 1366-2 Fire resistance tests for service installations and classified according to EN 13501 Fire classifications of construction products and building elements.
  • Can be used with with telescopic vertical or fixed height vertical ACO hygienic gully and with ACO hygienic box channel.
  • For use in either concrete or aerated concrete ceiling slabs with a minimum height of 150 mm.

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