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About ACO Systems FZE Manufacture in Dubai - stainless steel production facility in the Middle East Region

Established in 2006, ACO Systems FZE provides the highest levels of support and service to over 20 countries throughout the Middle East and parts of South Asia and Africa. As part of the worldwide ACO Group, we are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of various internal and external drainage systems since 1946. With a 10'000 sqm manufacturing facility and a team of more than 40 employees, we specialize in stainless steel drainage products with an emphasis on bespoken and hygienic drainage solutions.

ACO Systems FZE Company Profile

ACO Drainage solutions and building materials made of stainless steel

Standard building material and drainage solutions:

  • Shower channels and floor drains,
  • Access covers,
  • Under sink grease trap

Bespoken building material and drainage solutions:

  • Shower channels and floor drains,
  • Channels with gratings,
  • Gullies with covers or gratings,
  • Access covers,
  • Rain gutters,
  • Roof drains

Special projects - bespoken solutions for buildings:

  • Round shower channels,
  • Channels with height-adjustable tile-type covers,
  • Rain gutters,
  • LED panels,
  • Shelves

Standard solutions for external drainage:

  • Brickslot elements for the ACO Multiline channels and N-Channels,
  • Gratings for ACO Multiline channels,
  • Access covers

Bespoken external drainage solutions:

  • Channels with gratings
  • Brickslot channels with revision units
  • Access covers

Special projects - bespoken external drainage solutions:

  • Channels and gratings,
  • Frames and gratings,
  • Brickslot elements and brickslot channels
  • Floor drains for heavy duty,
  • Bridge drains,
  • Point drainage for highways