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Entrance & Lobby

There's only one chance to make a great first impression. The entrance of the hotel is an introduction tothe complete guest experience. It is usually the busiest area of the building, where aesthetics and easymaintenance are crucial.Systems that support the easy maintenance and trouble-free hotel routines should be integrated in thearea without interrupting the design concept of the lobby.

ACO Uniface covers

  • Indoor access covers
  • Excellent optic aesthetics
  • Corrosion resistant alloy
  • Precision thanks to crimping (mechanical fixing)
  • 2+1 sealing – water/odour tight+sand/ dust tight
  • Easy opening – prevents blockage

ACO Brickslot drainage system

  • Slot drainage solution for the entrances and landscaped areas
  • Excellent optic aesthetics
  • Stainless steel
  • Slot cover elements and revision frame elements for cleaning access
  • different polymer concrete or plastic channel types
  • various wides and heights available


Each detail in the lobby area can be the business card forthe hotel. It may be luxurious hotel with spacious entranceor a cozy family hotel - it is this area that first welcomesthe guests. Therefore the complete interior design with allintegrated elements should be in harmony with the styleand identity of the hotel. Special focus should be put onthe surface to allow barrier free and unobtrusive movement.

Barrier free movement

Modern public buildings must provide barrier free movement and accessibility to all internal and external areas of the building. In order to accommodate the high standards of architects and planners, drainage of facades and terraces should be perfectly integrated with the surrounding surface. Consequently, the height of the channels must be adjusted with mm-accuracy to the floor level. They should also prevent any water accumulation or splashing during heavy rainfall.


Maintenance and renovation works affect the operations inthe hotel and particularly the entrance is a sensitive spotthat cannot be easily closed or exchanged. All systems andmaterials in the interior area have to provide long lastingfunctionality and a visually pleasing appearance. Therefore,special attention needs to be paid to high quality of materialsand careful selection of elements.