Highways, Roads, Tunnels and Bridges

Safety is the main objective in the design of streets, roads or any traffic area. Quick and efficient drainage, no loose parts of the systems installed, even and anti-slip surface are only a few of the features ACO offers.

Urban Surface Design

ACO Monoblock RD - Line Drainage

  • Monolithic polymer concrete drainage channels
  • Robust and durable for highway drainage
  • Optimal stability for extreme loads
  • No loose parts
  • Color options: anthracite and natural

ACO Kerb Drainage - 2 in 1 Solution

  • Kerbs with integrated drainage channels
  • Two functions in one monolithic element
  • No loose parts, resistant to attempted theft
  • Solutions for installations in highways or urban areas

ACO Combipoint - Point Drainage

  • Street gullies with flexible and light-weight shaft
  • Self-leveling cast iron gratings
  • Adjustable and fully-rotatable plastic body
  • Vandalism proof

ACO Bridge Drain - Point Drainage

  • They comply with class D 400 in accordance with EN 124
  • The grate is firmly fixed into the frame with a hinge
  • The grates are locked or bolted to prevent unauthorized opening

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