ACO XtraDrain Drainage System made from high quality composite material

Every detail of the ACO XtraDrain system is designed to ensure convenience and ease of use. The extremely high quality composite material offers both low weight and high stability.

Lightweight Drainage System

  • Low weight composite channels
  • Different widths and protective edges
  • V-section for better hydraulics and self-cleaning effect
  • Wide choice of gratings: cast iron, stainless steel or galvanized steel, composite material
  • Load class A15 to D400, DIN EN 1433

ACO Drainlock Gratings

Enjoy complete freedom of design with a wide range of gratings of different design, colors and materials - cast iron, composite material, stainless steel or galvanized steel. ACO's innovative production technology allows the implementation of various visions, rich in ideas and personality. Architects have freedom in choosing gratings for drainage channels, thereby achieving distinctive accents, as well as creating a unique design that corresponds to the particular project. At the same time, optimal drainage and resistance are guaranteed.

Grating Types

ACO XtraDrain channel with Microgrip grating

ACO XtraDrain channel with Mesh grating in stainless steel

ACO XtraDrain channel with Brickslot element in stainless steel

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