ACO KerbDrain - Kerbs with integrated drainage channels

ACO KerbDrain is a monolithic element that combines a curb and a drainage channel. The system allows for freedom in designing and shaping roadways, parking lots, roundabouts and bus stops. The variety of widths and profiles allow installation of the system, both in the city and on roads and highways. For load classes up to D400, according to DIN EN 1433.

ACO KerbDrain - 2 in 1 Solution

  • Two functions in one monolithic element
  • No loose parts, resistant to attempted theft
  • Solutions for installations in highways or urban areas
  • Elements for performing roundabouts, gateways or bus stops
  • Load class A15 to D400, according DIN EN 1433

Two functions - one solution.

ACO KerbDrain combines curb and efficient drainage. The system is developed in response to the requirements of modern infrastructure for functionality, security and aesthetics. The installation is extremely easy as the curb and the drainage channel are mounted in one step. The elements are made of polymer concrete, proven by its qualities in the production of drainage systems.

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