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Grease Management

Commercial kitchens are challenging working environments and regardless of whether you operate a sizeable school or hotel kitchen or are the owner manager of a small catering establishment, FOG can have major impact on your business. ACO grease interceptor solutions for hotels and restaurants, catering kitchens and food courts, shopping malls and entertainment facilities, kiosks and food trucks.

What is FOG?

FOG is the abbreviation for the fats, oils and grease which are found in the wastewater produced by kitchens. FOG comprises fats, oil, grease created by food debris, fats and oils used in the cooking process, and the washing of food equipment, utensils and crockery. All kitchens produce wastewater which contains fats, oils and greases (FOG) as well as food debris.

Save time and costs with our wide portfolio of grease separators and grease traps for kitchen of all sizes.

Different types and sizes of commercial kitchen require different waste water management solutions. Your choice of grease management solution will depend on a variety of key specification criteria including the size of your kitchen, the type of food you prepare, the equipment used for food preparation, the contents of your waste water and the density of the FOG produced.

Our grease separators are specifically designed to help prevent the build-up of FOG in kitchen drainage floor gullies and ultimately avoid a fatberg in the main sewer network.

To help you chose the right water treatment solution for your kitchen, you can use our grease interceptor planner or contact our specialist.

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Grease Interceptor Solutions

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