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ACO Drainage Solutions for Commercial Kitchens

Food Safety, Cost Control and Health & Safety

We design and produce water drainage solutions with cost efficiency in mind but with absolutely no compromise in terms of food safety. Trench drains, gullies and floor drains in stainless steel are part of the important hygiene environment of a commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchen drainage in Kuwait-City

Commercial kitchen drainage in Dubai

Commercial kitchen drainage in Doha


Commercial kitchens are challenging environments in which to work. Whether you run a sizeable commercial kitchen, running a catering kitchen or a small coffee shop, a restaurant kitchen, hotel kitchen or a school kitchen, your choice of drainage and grease management solution can have a major impact upon operational costs, hygiene and health and safety. Good drainage can improve kitchen hygiene by preventing the spread of bacteria, improving employee health and safety via the removal of a potential slip hazard, being quick and easy to clean, and can prevent the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in your drainage and the wider sewer system. Managing grease effectively through installation of a grease trap or separator enables you to avoid blocking up your kitchen drainage and losing time, money and business while having to organize drain unblocking.

We, ACO in Dubai, supporting with consulting, planning kitchen design and producing your kitchen drainage solutions here in our ACO stainless steel production facility in Dubai according European standards. Architects, consultants, and kitchen designer, restaurant and kitchen owner, contractors and building and construction material traders and plumbers are looking for various drainage solutions with focus at food safety, cost control and health & safety. With our production design team here in our facility we are able to design and produce customized drainage solutions like floor drainage channels and floor gullies, cleanouts and floor drains, trench drains and slot channels, for their needs with high quality and delivery on time.

Get more from your kitchen floor.

Hygienic drainage cleaning performance.

Hygienic drainage design principles.

ACO Gully

  • ACO hygienic gully - fixed height solution
  • ACO hygienic gully - telescopic solution
  • Gully tops
  • Raising pieces
  • Gratings
  • Accessories

ACO Box Channel

  • ACO hygienic box channel - standard edge
  • ACO hygienic box channel - extended edge
  • ACO vinyl box channel - vinyl edge
  • Optional fixed height solution available
  • Gratings
  • Accessories

ACO Modular Box Channel

  • ACO modular box channel
  • Gratings
  • Accessories

ACO Modular Slot Channel

  • ACO modular slot channel
  • Gratings
  • Accessories

ACO Pipes

  • ACO pipe - straight pipes
  • ACO pipe - fittings
  • Accessories

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