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Large number of bathrooms, professional kitchen and spa area under the same roof. That makes hotels one of the most drainage intensive projects. Adding the high standards for safety and comfort, as well as the aesthetic requirements – investors and architects need professional expertise for designing a comprehensive system for water management with uncompromising functionality.

ACO Solutions for Hotels & Resorts

ACO has years of international experience providing system waste water solutions for hotels worldwide. Our extensive portfolio of products and services is covering all areas within hotels and resorts. Our team is committed to ensuring all aspects of proper drainage systems are designed, manufactured and catered to your business to bring you, your customers and your employees peace of mind.

Roof, terrace, balcony & façade

Roofs encompass the upper building boundary and their design is an important part of the overall structure of the building. Planning errors in roof drainage can lead to, in extreme cases, the collapse of the roof...

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Entrance & Lobby

There‘s only one chance to make a great first impression. The entrance of the hotel is an introduction to the complete guest experience. It is usually the busiest area of the building, where aesthetics and easy maintenance are crucial…

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The trends in modern bathroom interiors are providing space and freedom of movement. Architects need flexible solutions that provide uncompromising quality, safety and freedom of design…

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Pool & Spa

Spa and pool areas require special attention to every detail, usually being the signature area of the hotel building. As well as outstanding aesthetics and design that contributes to the feeling of wellness, particular focus must be devoted to safety and hygienic performance of the systems....

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Commercial kitchens are extremely busy environments with potentially wet and greasy floors due to the abundance of liquids used in the cooking and cleaning processes, and of course, liquids are often very hot…

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Design of green areas and pedestrian zones is an integral part of modern architecture and is crucial not only for the aesthetic appearance of the project but also for the comfort and well being of the inhabitants...

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Parking areas are an integral part of any hotel or public building and a crucial factor for the overall functionality of the building, including daily operations of the staff and visitor’s comfort...

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Basements as storage and facility rooms and also a variety of other purposes...

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About ACO Systems FZE

Established in 2006, ACO Systems FZE provides the support and service to the GCC countries, the Middle East Region and parts of South Asia. ... More

ACO World-wide

A strong brand around the world. ACO stands for professional drainage, efficient cleaning, and the controlled discharge or reuse of water. ... More...

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