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ACO SlotDrain (Brickslots)


Discrete drainage system

In addition to its excellent functionality, the ACO SlotDrain (Brickslot) drainage systems also provide aesthetic solutions and reveal a new approach to outdoor area design. Discrete and inconspicuous, slots replace the gratings and form a clean, unobtrusive line in the pavement.

The ACO SlotDrain (Brickslots) slots are combined with ACO N-channels, ACO Euroline channels, ACO Multiline, ACO MultiDrain channels or ACO XtraDrain composite channels in different sizes and load classes up to the D400.

Aesthetic vision

The discreet opening of the sliding system made of stainless steel or galvanized steel combines perfectly with different types of flooring and allows the design of a visually uninterrupted pavement, an emphasis on the surface line or an elegant transition between two different materials.


In addition to its sleek design, the ACO SlotDrain (Brickslot) system also ensures optimal functionality. Slot frames combine with ACO N-Channel, Euroline, Multiline, MultiDrain polymer composite channels or ACO XtraDrain composite channels, which feature high quality, a wide range of accessories and easy maintenance and cleaning items.

Individual solutions

As a leading manufacturer of surface drainage solutions, we are ready to meet the specific needs of our customers in terms of design and functionality. The ACO SlotDrain (Brickslot) system can be designed for installation in a radius, facade or other individual solution. In addition to the standard assortment, the slots can be made of torso or integrated lighting.


Low profile channel
Polymer concrete channel ACO Multiline or MultiDrain
Composite channel ACO XtraDrain



ACO Brickslot Element Top Sections

ACO Brickslot Element with center slot for ACO Multiline V100 channel

ACO Brickslot Element with side slot for ACO Multiline V100 channel

ACO Brickslot Revision Frame Element for ACO Multiline V100 channel



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