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ACO Light Liquid and Oil Separators



Regardless of whether in multi-storey car parks, petrol stations, car washes or vehicle workshops: Wherever there is a risk of mineral light liquids getting into the drainage network, for example, petrol, benzene, lubricants or oils, the wastewater must be pre-treated. This prevents pollutants from contaminating the drinking water or groundwater. A light-liquid separator or petrol interceptor uses the difference in density of petrol and water to achieve this. The light liquid is collected and is disposed of regularly by recycling companies. Even better treatment is achieved by using a coalescence element, as used by ACO in its units. Light-liquid separators are available for installation in the ground and for freestanding installation.






Light Liquid separators for below-ground installation

In the case of light-liquid separators for below ground installation, the attachments can be shortened by the customer, depending on the application. The cover is suitable for class B according to EN 124. All light-liquid separators meet the requirements of class EN 858. For increased disposal convenience, the separator can also be retrofitted with direct extraction. Both the sludge catches as well as the actual separators have a maintenance opening. Optionally, alarm systems can be installed.

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Oil Separators for heavily loaded areas




For more information about the ACO Oil Separators for heavy duty areas like airports or seaports get in contact with the Regional Sales Managers or contact our ACO Office.


Light Liquid Separators for free-standing installation




The series ACO light-liquid separator Coalisator belongs to class I and is made of cast iron and stainless steel. They have an integrated sludge trap and can therefore also be used where more severe contamination occurs, such as in car workshops and washrooms.

For more information visit the Online Service or download the Light Liquid Separator Catalog