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Very greasy waste water endangers pipelines and drainage. Fats and oils accumulate together with other wastewater components on the walls of the pipes and can lead to corrosion, clogging and odor. For these reasons, the use of grease separators is required in the industrial and commercial sector, where fat-laden wastewater is generated. These include, for example:

  • Hotels, restaurants and kitchens, canteens, butchers and canteens
  • Butcheries, slaughterhouse, meat and sausage factories
  • Canning factories, ready-mix manufacturers, fritters and chip manufacturers

Grease separators operate on the basis of gravity. The different densities are used to separate grease / oil from the waste water. Animal and vegetable fats and oils have a lower specific gravity than water and thus rise to the surface. Depending on the grease separator system, the separated substances can be disposed of separately or together with the entire grease trap contents in a manner appropriate to the particular requirements. ACO offers the customers grease separators for free-standing or below-ground installation. In addition, a distinction is made between full-time and part-time workers. During full disposal, the contents of the separator are emptied, cleaned and filled at regular intervals by a disposal company. In the case of partial disposal, the separated fats / oils as well as the sludge are collected in separate containers and disposed of separately.



Mobile grease trap for under-sink installation




ACO Kitchen Grease Trap, "made in U.A.E." for under-sink installation are made from stainless steel.  

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ACO Grease Trap Data Sheet


Grease separators for below-ground installation

ACO grease separators Lipumax P for ground installation are made from polyethylene. The shaft has a buoyancy safety up to the upper side of the shaft and the manhole cover depending on the installation depth and the load class. The covers are designed up to load class D 400. Different levels and a wide range of accessories and components permit subsequent upgrade, extension or automation.


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Grease separators for free-standing installation


ACO grease separators for free-standing installation are available for partial or full disposal. In addition, there are also plants for mobile installation at snack bars. ACO grease separators are available for every building situation (for example, round, oval or split). Different levels and a wide range of accessories and components permit subsequent upgrade, extension or automation. ACO grease separators exist in different materials (polyethylene and stainless steel).

Grease separator – full disposal


A grease separator for full disposal works purely physically using the gravity principle (different densities), i.e. heavier wastewater constituents sink to the bottom, light materials such as e.g. animal oils and fats rise in the grease separator to the top. Via the outlet socket the cleaned wastewater is fed into the sewage system. These seperators can be supplied as oval, circular or split versions for ease of delivery. They are made of stainless steel or polyethylene.


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or download the Grease Separator Catalog