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ACO Combipoint

The ACO Combipoint PP system is the first system made of plastic that can be rotated, stretched or shortened telescopically, installed at an angle, and at the same time offering a number of advantages in design, installation and operation. The system includes street runoff, made of preformed plastic components and cast iron gratings to distribute the load.




ACO Combipoint offers a number of advantages in spot drainage. The intelligent structure distributes the load on the surface of the roadway. The grating remains level with the asphalt level. The system is designed for a load class up to D400, in accordance with European Standard 124: 2003. The product has been tested for quality, durability and safety for which it is marked according to the standard. Also available with optional bolt lock.


Cast Iron Grating 300/500
Cast Iron Grating 500/500

Conus - upper part

Upper part without outlet
Upper part with outlet

Bottom part without outlet
Bottom part with outlet


For more information about road point drainage get in contact with our office or download the ACO CombiPoint Catalog.



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