ACO Bath Drainage

Impress your customers with bathroom drainage solutions in top form

ACO supplies you with sophisticated solutions from the worlds leading drainage brand. The ACO ShowerDrain product line satisfies the demands of many house builders and architects for generous and homogenous bathroom design, with no steps, changes of materials and no barriers. The classic models for this trend come from the traditional bathing culture in the orient, as well as modern luxury spas.

ACO quality and functionality put you on the safe side
The hight quality of the components is not limited to the design, materials and finishing, aspects with at least the same high priority are handling and installation safety at the building site. With low and flexible installation heights, and reliable seals, ACO ShowerDrain has a solution for every application.

The difference is in the details
For house builders thinking in the long term, the ACO ShowerDrain is a decision for prudent luxury where all the details can be relied on. The extremely smooth electro-polished surfaces guarantee safe drainage and hygiene in bathrooms. The seals, joints and thickniss of the materials are the guarantors for low noise emissions. The ACO ShowerDrain satisfies the latest fire protection regulations for multi-storey buildings.


ACO ShowerDrain solutions can and are to inspire a creative bath planning. Above all, however, they are to adapt to every desired design, if possible. This is the reason why our range basically offers four different designs:

  • classic linear solution
  • extravagant curved solution
  • sophisticated corner solution
  • puristic point solution

Moreover the planning and design concept allows a combination of various designs and thus a further customisation in larger bath areas or in the commercial property sector. Naturally, the gratings and covers can lateron be replaced by another design. The ACO quality brand stands for continuity, compatibility and availability of these ranges.

Straight Solution
The ACO ShowerDrain E-line shower channel with straight design grating

Curved Solution
The ACO ShowerDrain E-line shower channel with curved design grating

Corner Solution
The ACO ShowerDrain E-line shower channel

The ACO ShowerDrain E-line shower channel is available optionally with illumination for straight, curved and corner designs

Walk-in solution
Nobel wooden grating with stainless steel drainage tra

Typical applications

  • Housing projects (flats, villas)
  • Toilets, washrooms, wet bathrooms
  • Hotels, Apartments
  • Swimming pools

Bath point drains
Point drainage with curved and square design grating. Optionally with illumination

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A real beauty: Our award-winning design

The gratings and covers in electropolished stainless steel visibly demonstrate the top quality of the ACO ShowerDrain each and every day.