ACO Systems FZE

ACO Cast iron floor drain and clean out with nickel-bronze top sections


Floor drains with vertical or horizontal outlet and different options of top section


Floor drains are typically designed to receive and convey run-off water or other liquid from building floors to drainage system. Floor drains are used in every commercial and institutional building. ACO Floor Drains are designed to use in finished floor areas with an adjustable frame and grate, a membrane clamp ring with weep holes and an optional ss silt basket. ACO provides a range of cast iron floor drains to suit almost any application, from pedestrian areas to any commercial or residential. Nickel Bronze floor grates and covers are available both as screw-fastened and hinged options. There are a number of options of outlets available. Adjustable height tops accommodate various floor levels. Clamp rings can accommodate different waterproof membranes.




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Clean Outs with vertical outlet and round or square covers at the top section


ACO Clean outs incorporate features developed to meet the latest in building construction methods. These clean outs ensure the specifier, installer and user of completely trouble-free installation and performance. Clean outs provide access to drainage piping for cleaning out purposes. ACO clean outs come with a variety of sizes and shapes. Certain things to be taken into consideration when selecting the right clean out during installation.



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