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Hygienic and sanitary drainage is a critical element in bathrooms, food processing industry and commercial kitchens. The importance of creating products that are easy to clean and resist growth and build-up of bacteria keeps facilities safe. ACO produces products with features specifically for these areas.




Standard and customized drainage solutions. The ACO Building Drainage division offers stainless steel drainage solutions for the industrial industry. Products are manufactured from corrosion resistant, authentic stainless steel grades 304 or 316. As one of the world's leading commercial industrial drainage specialists, ACO understands the critical role that drainage plays in a successful business, yet, for many, drainage is often out of sight and too easily out of mind.


Diverse stainless steel material types are used to produce components for all applications - commercial and residential construction, as well as electro-mechanical engineering and environmental protection.



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Product Range:

produced in the facility of ACO Dubai where we manufacture drainage products in stainless steel.

ACO Shower channels with gratings in stainless steel

ACO Floor drains and clean outs in stainless steel

ACO Box channel with gratings in stainless steel

ACO Brickslot elements in stainless steel for ACO Multiline, ACO MultiDrain, ACO Euroline and ACO N-Channel

ACO Access and manhole covers in stainless steel